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Please submit your request one week prior to the date you would like to begin receiving promotion.

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 The Ring-Tum Phi
 The Trident
  W&L News Office (for press release to greater community)

***WLUR, the Ring-Tum Phi, and the Trident Statement on Announcements/Listings
Community and Campus Event Announcements/Listings are intended to provide free-of-charge publicity for local happenings, whether musical, theatrical, or academic in nature. We reserve the right to withhold promotion for any campus or community organization, however, if we believe that our reputation as non-biased station/paper would be compromised. (i.e. a political party’s fundraiser or a church group’s speaker.) Feel free to submit your request but realize that it will air/print at the discretion of the WLUR/Ring-Tum Phi/Trident staff.